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Matzo Madness
April 10, 2012, 11:08
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On Friday night, N. and I hosted a Passover seder at our apartment for our “Nairobi family.” (Calling it a seder might be a bit of a stretch — we did have a seder plate, and blessings over the wine, matzo, candles, and greens, but that was about it. No “Dayenu,” no Elijah, no “wicked children” asking questions. “An emphasis on wine over Hebrew,” as the invitation promised.)

Preparing the meal was one of the more difficult culinary challenges I’ve faced, but everything turned out better than expected. I made matzo, charoset, matzo ball soup (substituting crackers for matzo meal), challah (yeah, yeah, leavened, I know), hashbrown/latkes, and spinach with pine nuts and raisins. N. cooked a brisket which I was told was delicious, and friends brought cakes and brownies for dessert.

Between the meal, hours of charades, a childlike obsession with noisemakers, birthday cake, exhibitionist performances by my dog, and bottles of Belvedere vodka (very traditional at a seder), I neglected to take photos of the evening. The only proof I can offer is this before-and-after photo:

Next year in Jerusalem?


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