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December 13, 2011, 14:07
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Little by little, we’re getting settled into our new apartment. The biggest improvements have been getting reliable internet installed and procuring a few kitchen items — drinking wine out of tupperware lost its novelty after the first couple of days.

But there are still many items we need to acquire. A stove, for one, since the aforementioned tupperware has been microwaved so many times it’s undoubtedly spawning cancer; some tables and chairs; more than one spoon, since N. and I have begun attempting to win its use by way of logical argument (“But your dish is more stew-like and has a higher ratio of solids to liquids, so it’s only reasonable that I use the spoon”).

But there is one room in the apartment that is beginning to feel like part of a home: the office.

Since I have been working remotely, full-time, I spend the vast majority of my time in here, typing away while my coworkers are slumbering soundly. Being alone for most of the day has its benefits (hey, look, a fridge full of food; pajama pants; no one to judge when I blast the “Sister Act 2” soundtrack at deafening volume), but there are also drawbacks.

I think this cartoon from the oatmeal effectively summarizes the situation: (full size here)

I think the “degradation of social skills” is particularly apt — beware: soon this blog will read like Courtney Love’s twitter stream.


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