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Toilet Paper and Marriage Proposals
November 30, 2011, 19:11
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I just returned from my first solo venture outside the confines of Rhapta Road.

Where did I go?

To the mall, of course.

I called a JimCAB – this time, a driver recommended by a friend – and was dropped off at Sarit Centre (which, interestingly, boasts the title of being the “first, biggest, and busiest shopping mall in Kenya,” although you wouldn’t know it by its roster of chain stores that are identical to all the other malls).

I went in search of the following items, which I purchased:

  • Safaricom wireless modem
  • Two 3-litre bottles of water
  • Four rolls of toilet paper
  • Box of tampons
  • Razors

I also returned with:

  • A 5-litre box of Drostdy-Hof Extra Light Dry White wine (“lower in kilojoules!”)
  • A marriage proposal (“Can I have twenty bob? No? Oh, mzungu lady, you are so beautiful! Can I have a kiss? I want to marry you!”)
  • The knowledge that every Kenyan within a radius of several miles recognizes me as “the lady with the big white dog” (“OOOH! Hey! I know you!”)
  • A small, but not insignificant, flicker of independence.

All in all, not too shabby for a first attempt.


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yay for leaving the house!

Comment by Gracie

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