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a declaration of war
November 14, 2011, 18:03
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I just took my dog out to the apartment complex’s grassy area to pee.

One of the many feral cats that roam the area, encouraged by the apartment owners to hunt rats, arched its back full of matted fur, pounced, and attacked, swiping my dog’s nose with its claws.

I quickly pulled my dog away and sprinted around the corner. The cat CHASED AFTER US, even coming inside the building and following us back to our apartment door.

I am a vegetarian. I love animals.

But this means war.


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Hahaha, oh wow!! Barely there for a day and the wild cats are already after you?? Let the adventures begin 😉

Comment by angel

The cat will never do that again once a devastating blow from a reed severs its brainstem from its spinal cord. As the other felines watch their compatriot twitch and eventually die a -necessarily- painless but extremely violent and poor death they will know two things: 1) that they’re vulnerable and it could be them or their kittens next and 2) Do not fuck with the white and black dog.

Comment by Mick mouse

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